Zi Map

Zi is the third area that Trace must travel through in order to revive the Rusalki. It is a diverse underground area, including industrialized sections with steam vents and other machinery, as well as more organic cavernous areas. It has a prison, a Power Filter with connected Venous Filtration, Venous Maintenance areas and an Arterial Shaft. Trace will meet Veruska here in the bottom right corner.

There is also a hallucination of another Trace in the tall room to the left of Kur's entrance room. This trace is seen at the top going into the left door for only a few frames.

Enemies Edit

Boss Edit

Uruku Variant

Standard Edit

Parasitic Shrub (5), Scorpiant (12), Yellow Sea Sponge (9), Orb Wall (5), Tunnel Hopper (9), Green Roller (12), Magenta Roller (9), Hopping Spider (6), Gray Ghoul (19)

Other Edit

Bubbles, Drag Weed, Steam causes 30 damage when touched.

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Possible Secret World Entrances Edit

14 - Easy Difficulty

Connected Zones Edit

Music Edit

"Vital Tide"

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