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Xedur Hul is the final Variant to appear in Axiom Verge. It is also the final boss found in Mar-Uru before encountering Athetos. Due to its location and late appearance in the game, Xedur Hul is presumed to be one of the two "new" Variants spoken of in the Note titled "Trace".

Xedur Hul Variant

Xedur Hul attack Trace.

It has a similar appearance to that of Xedur, but its body and armor have a more red-purple-ish hue, its tail is now covered by armor, and it fires purple projectiles instead of red.

Interestingly, Xedur Hul is the only boss battle in the game that does not trap Trace in the room with a laser wall. The other side of the room will be completely open. In fact, Trace remarks this in a cutscene when he enters the room, hinting to the player that the battle can be skipped by passing the Variant and walking through the door on the far side of the room. Doing so will also give the player the Achievement "Mercy" upon the game's completion. Xedur Hul has 6,000 health.

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Xedur Hul is far more aggressive than its counterpart Xedur. This is likely the inspiration for the "Hul" part of its name. Xedur Hul will attack much more rapidly and will direct all of its shots at Trace. Additionally, there are no platforms in the room to use as cover, leaving Trace exposed to all of its attacks.

Strategies Edit

  • Run! This boss can be skipped by exiting the room through the door to the far left. This is the easiest way to get past this boss.
  • Fight! If you choose to fight this boss, you will need to move quickly. You can use the Red Coat to teleport back and forth across the room as you fight, dodging Xedur Hul's attacks. The Lightning Gun will be surprisingly ineffective as it tends to strike the armor instead of the exposed flesh. Use the Kilver, FlameThrower, or whichever direct line-of-fire weapon you are most comfortable with to fire diagonally upward at Xedur Hul's weak spot. You can also use the Red Coat’s damaging trail to damage the boss as you dodge his attacks.

Etymology Edit

  • In the Sumerian language, The word "Hul" means "evil", "vicious", or "to detest".[1]
  • The term "Hul" might also be referring to the improved armor of this "Security Worm Advanced", like the "hull" of a ship.

References Edit

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