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Xedur is a modified clone of Athetos and the game's first boss. It has a bulky brown upper body, which is surrounded by a white metal armor. Xedur's grotesque tail protrudes from under its body and can drop small red bombs that explode after a set delay. If you look closely, in the center of that ring of white armor on the front, you can see its face.

Xedur.pngXedur Avatar.png

Xedur appears in one of the three Journal Pages.



Xedur - Axiom Verge First Boss

Xedur attacks Trace in a predictable pattern, firing red orbs of energy from its outer shell, then dropping bombs, and then repeating this cycle. Attacking the creature from the back is futile as the Axiom Disruptor will not penetrate its armor. Only its exposed flesh is vulnerable.

After defeating Xedur, Trace will be rewarded with the Laser Drill.


There are two blocks in the middle of the room that can be used as cover throughout the fight. The player will need to dodge Xedur's volleys of red energy orbs while firing upward or diagonally whenever possible. When Xedur moves to one side of the room, its very effective to go to the opposite side and fire diagonally at him.

Once Xedur begins dropping bombs, it's best to focus on the most recent bomb explosion and reposition to that location, as its unlikely that Xedur will drop another bomb in the same spot. It's important to note that the bombs themselves will not harm Trace and, since they are on a timer, you can briefly walk over them when they land without taking damage.