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To better understand the Rusalki, we made this command: "REVEAL-VYKHYA".

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This is a purple note, and written in English by (an) Athetos.

The command/Passcode is used with the Passcode Tool to translate the notes the Rusalki wrote in Vykhya (the Rusalka written language) to one another on green tablets.

This is Note 27.

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The Note titled "Vykhya Translation" is found in the large, tall open area in the middle of Edin. To get to it, the player will need to ascend to the upper level of the column supported structure using the Night Rays. Then, the player must corrupt one of the Giant Greenworms so that it breaks open a wall revealing the Note[1].

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  1. 1.0 1.1 There is an alternate method to getting this Note. The wall is actually open; you just can't see it. You can fire the Remote Drone either upward or bank it off the wall and then use its laser to break open the blocks.
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