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KosnIre KosnIre 27 February 2016

Axiom Verge Part of the PS4 Critics' Choice Sale

The game is currently on sale on PS4 as a part of the "Critics' Choice' sale. The deal ends 2/29/2016. Seems like a great time to pick up the game if you haven't already, and it's a nice to see it getting some extra attention :)

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KosnIre KosnIre 23 October 2015

Boxed Special Edition of Axiom Verge

So I haven't done a blog post for a while and I thought it would be good to highlight this. The AV team has partnered with Indie Box to produce a special edition of Axiom Verge that ships in a physical box. Details can be found on their website . It looks pretty cool.

Unfortunately, it looks like I missed the deadline to order, but I'm hoping it will go up for sale on their "past boxes " page as well.

And in case you're wondering what's inside:

"Your IndieBox will contain a retro-style game box, USB game cartridge, color manual, and original soundtrack. However, IndieBox will always come with other collector’s items related to the specific game featured each month. Some of the past items have been posters, buttons, stickers, static cling decal…

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KosnIre KosnIre 1 August 2015

Good News for AV Content!

I have some good news to share!

Official Blessing

I was able to get in touch with Tom, the game's creator. He has given us his blessing to continue posting Axiom Verge related content. In his own words: "the more people who become interested in it, the better".

I will still point out that according to Wikia's policies, it is important that we respect copyrights and intellectual property. For our part, all images captured directly from the game should be marked as "Copyrighted work, under fair use" (there is a dropdown when you do the upload).

Creatures and Critters

Furthermore, I'm excited to say that we can move forward with the Bestiary! Tom stated that the in-game creatures have no official names*, so we should go ahead and use what makes goo…

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KosnIre KosnIre 22 July 2015

Axiom Verge Wikia Adopted!

This is a quick followup to my previous blog post.

My Adoption Request for the Axiom Verge wikia has been approved! This is a big step forward for this wikia, as it allows us to customize and maintain the space, and create a community. I will be checking back regularly, so feel free to contact me if you need anything. There is still a lot to be do, but I'm confident that, over time, we can create a living document for Axiom Verge and all sequels to come!

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KosnIre KosnIre 12 July 2015

Wikia Adoption

I just want to be clear and transaprent about my intent to adopt this wiki.

I think this is an amazing game and it needs to be well-documented for other users. Wikia is a great platform for the community to come together and create a healthy space to both document the game's content, and hold friendly discussions pertaining to the game's lore (which is messy at best).

On my first playthrough, I did my best to explore Sudra on my own, but I still got stuck at a few points. When I started looking for answers, I discovered that information about Axiom Verge was pretty scattered around the internet. So, I came to Wikia to start a new wiki for Axiom Verge, only to discover that one already existed! I was actually excited to get started editing an…

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