Hey, I bought a PS Vita, and the vinyl soundtrack.  I lost interest mid big-ish wiki dump a while back.  I ended up playing tons of other new oldschool-like games, and had to do my yearly seedruns on my old action favorites.  Those were once-overs.  Even tho I cracked this one open and know almost everything, I'm still drawn to it.  I will play it again and again until it is in my once-overs playthrough list.  Certainly I have not doccumented enough.  I still have not documented the mass of stats and other details of all the bosses, I started and abandoned a large flowchart to investigate the first-available items, and there's a few other loose-ends do investigate.  This game is so expansive and even given the full data access, it is hard to gather all the details into something cohesive.

In any case, the thought of playing it mobile on my new Vita has got me pumped again (tho the lack of both Original or CE Pac-Man is very disappointing).  Having it live will streamline my collection of the backgrounds for the full-sized map I'm working on.  My friend who runs will be hosting it.

I got my vinyl soundtrack in the mail.  I took pictures, and scanned it!  See the wiki:pictures section for the first side.  I will be updating the pages with the new concept-art.

I will also be called to work and forget this site exists for 1 to 4 months.  Dunno when it will happen, so I'd like to take this opportunity to publish an FTP link to the 106 MegaByte raw scan before I do any filtering to it.  My filtering will be extensive and hopefully impressive (I will eliminate the underlay graph-paper without affecting the overlay picture, eliminate all the moire-patterning, then re-sharpen the image to approximate the pencil-lines that it originally was.  It's always important to back up your work.  You can check the image section here to see why.  I had to manually edit Elsenova's face, and I never did manage to keep the fine details at brighter shades, I believe this was mostly due to the upscaling performed on that picture.

Here's the pieced-together, but full scan of the concept-art from the vinyl soundtrack:

Hey, does anyone else think Julian Gollop's (of X-Com fame) new game Phoenix Point 's promotional image looks kinda Elsenanova-like?

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