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  • Anapan8

    Vita & Soundtrack

    March 19, 2016 by Anapan8

    Hey, I bought a PS Vita, and the vinyl soundtrack.  I lost interest mid big-ish wiki dump a while back.  I ended up playing tons of other new oldschool-like games, and had to do my yearly seedruns on my old action favorites.  Those were once-overs.  Even tho I cracked this one open and know almost everything, I'm still drawn to it.  I will play it again and again until it is in my once-overs playthrough list.  Certainly I have not doccumented enough.  I still have not documented the mass of stats and other details of all the bosses, I started and abandoned a large flowchart to investigate the first-available items, and there's a few other loose-ends do investigate.  This game is so expansive and even given the full data access, it is hard …

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  • Anapan8

    Two Times the fun!

    November 13, 2015 by Anapan8

    I'm actually playing through Axiom Verge twice at once right now.  I have it going on both my desktop and laptop so I can capture images, post pages on Wikia and quickly retry things.  On the laptop, I'm sorta speed running (well, not really), making it quickly from one item/event to another that I'd just finished on the desktop.

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