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Uruku's face (seen in the creature's mouth), the last remnant of the clone of Athetos.

Uruku is a biomechanoid Variant of Athetos and the game's third boss. It appears as a large, slug-like creature with various bits of weaponry attached to its body. Athetos created Uruku by first cloning himself with one of Sudra's Rebirth Chambers, and then making genetic and cybernetic modifications to the clone. Uruku Has 2,000 Health

In one of the three Journal Pages, Athetos muses where the clone's persona ends and the monster's begins as one of his Variants slowly becomes the monster Uruku. When Trace finally finds him, there is very little left of the clone's humanity.

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Trace enters Uruku's lair.

Trace confronts Uruku in a large room in the upper right portion of Zi. Trace becomes trapped in the room and, as Uruku seems intent on killing Trace, he must find its weak points to destroy the creature.

Uruku will fire various projectiles from its armaments, as well as a high-energy laser from the cannon on its shoulder. All of these weapons can be destroyed by focusing fire on them.

After defeating Uruku, the player must use the Address Disruptor to glitch a series of blocks, making his way across these platforms to the upper right door in the room. This will give Trace access to both the Power Filter and the Modified Lab Coat , which can then be used to obtain a Health Node upon returning to the boss room.

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There are many ways to approach this battle. The blocks on the left side of the room will provide the player with some cover from Uruku's various attacks.

  • The most straightforward strategy is to stand at the room's entrance, using the blocks for cover and slowly wittling away at the bomb-launchers on Uruku's lower body. After doing so, you can take shots at Uruku's mouth during openings in the barrages.
  • An easier, but slow strategy is to stand of the upper 2-block wall on the left side of the room, jumping straight up and firing at the cannons on Uruku's back. The player can crouch and remain stationary as the laser sweeps the room to avoid its blast entirely. Destroying the upper cannons will drastically reduce the oncoming fire you take from the creature, and when they are all gone, you will be free to jump onto the 3-block wall (the one you used for cover) and fire downward into its mouth to finish the boss off.
  • A faster, bolder strategy is to immediately run through the pink wastewater at the start of the fight, directly at Uruku. You can use the Address Disruptor to glitch the single blocks just above the water. Doing so will allow the player to stand just below the second bomb-launcher and easily destroy it with the Kilver. Then you can use the Axiom Disruptor to fire upward and to the left at Uruku's mouth to finish him off.

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Uruku (also known as utukku) are a type of vampire in Sumerian mythology.[1]

The name could also be a reference to the ancient city Uruk, which was ruled by the legendary king Gilgamesh.[2]

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