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These wasp-like enemies are spawned from holes in Ukhu's thorax. They use the same visual sprite as a Red Wasp but with a purple hue and lime-green eyes.

Uhku Spawn will relentlessly pursue Trace by flying in a horizontal pattern above the ground. Similarly to Red Wasps, Uhku Spawn will swoop downward with their stinger out once Trace is within stinging range.

They are commonly missed when trying to achieve the Hacker Trophy, with big consequences. As they are boss minions, a player can easily forget to corrupt one while fighting Ukhu, and if so they will never be seen again on that save file.

Corrupted Form[]

Ukhu Spawn are vulnerable to the Address Disruptor. When corrupted, they take on the properties and behavior of the Green Glider. Once corrupted, they will explode upon death.

The explosion creates a special interaction with Ukhu itself. Killing corrupted Ukhu Spawn near Ukhu's mouth, its weak point, will deal massive damage to Ukhu. It only takes 3 explosions to kill Ukhu this way, and since Ukhu spawns 3 at a time, it is possilble to defeat the boss with a single, well-timed, corrupted burst.

This method is especially useful during a speed run, for the fastest possible boss kill.