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Ukhu is a Variant Clone of Athetos, which takes on the form of a giant wasp-like insect. Its exoskeleton has a purple-ish hue and it flies with four large opaque wings. Ukhu has two sharp mandibles, giving its jaw a beak-like appearance. It has five yellow eyes visible, and possibly more on the other side of its head, and a hard stinger protruding from its abdomen. The etymology of Ukhu is possibly related to the first Sumerian king after the deluge, Ukhusi; he had his capital city at Ukhu (north of Mesopotami, at Pteria).

Ukhu is the only Variant not mentioned in any of the Notes.

Ukhu has 2,500 health.


Ukhu is encountered in the upper-most part of Edin. Ukhu is one of the more difficult bosses in the game, giving only brief windows of opportunity to attack its weak spot—its open mouth.

During the battle, Ukhu will spit purple sludge in Trace's direction. It will also use its stinger and arms to stab at Trace, which deals significant damage. Occasionally, Ukhu will lean backwards and release three smaller wasps from the holes in its abdomen. These smaller wasps can be killed for life drops and they can also be glitched (see more on this glitching in Strategy section below).

Upon defeating this Variant, Trace will gain access to the Drone Teleport.


The Standard Method[]

The obvious strategy is repeatedly shooting diagonally upward at Ukhu's mouth, such that when the creature opens it, your line of fire is already hitting it. You will need to jump up or dodge away when Ukhu spits and also jump up when it stabs with its stinger. Try to anticipate the stinger stab in order to avoid it.

Recommended weapons:

  • Inertial Pulse - Reaches its mouth directly due to the beam's ability to penetrate enemies.
  • Voranj - With the way it spreads out with distance, makes it easy to hit its mouth.
  • Shards - Makes its easier to hit the mouth by just getting close and jumping while holding the attack button constantly.

Axiom Verge - Ukhu Variant Strategy

The standard method for killing Ukhu

The Glitch Method[]

After Ukhu stabs at you with its stinger, it will lay back and release three smaller wasps. If these smaller wasps are glitched, they will explode upon death. The explosions will do a massive amount of damage to Ukhu, if they occur in range of its open mouth. On Normal mode only one explosion is needed to instantly kill it. On Hard mode it may need 3 explosions.


Axiom Verge Fast Ukhu Glitch Kill

The glitch method for killing Ukhu