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"Spinning charged particle blades release discrete pulses of energy"

The Turbine Pulse is a very odd weapon. Upon pressing the fire button, it opens 4 close-range leashed green particles that rotate in a circle in front of Trace. Upon releasing the fire button, the particles are released from their tethers and move forward in a straight line path of varying height (depending on how far apart the particles are).

The particles will deal damage to enemies whether tethered or not, but lose damage potential when released as a projectile.

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The Turbine Pulse can only be obtained after the Vision boss battle. After Ophelia reawakens Trace in Ukkin-Na, you can make your way back up to the boss room, where Daraga will be floating around. Firing the Remote Drone into Daraga's mouth will cause her to carry it up to the ledge high above. The Drone can then be used to enter the next room, drill a path in the left wall, and work its way up to the Turbine Pulse.

It is also possible to obtain the weapon later on, using standard high traversal techniques with the Red CoatDrone Teleport and Grapple.

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