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Somehow there is a new variant on Sudra, and he's working for the Rusalki. He's young. More importantly, he has the AD (Axiom Disruptor). If you call (sic, should be "can") still read this, kill him. He can undo everything we've worked for.

I still haven't determined where he came from. If there is some alternate passage into the Breach, we absolutely must find it. I am going to make at least two new variants to deal with this.

About the Note Edit

This is a purple note, written in English by the original Athetos. This note is the reason why the Variants in the game attack Trace.

This is Note 26.

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Mar-Uru, above the 2nd Rebirth Chamber. Trace must use the Red Coat on the left wall of the room with the vertical door to the shaft directly under Athetos.

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