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Date Place Event
Sudra Sudra is a prosperous civilization with advanced technology. This time of prosperity is later referred to as The Land of Civilized Kings.
Sudra Following a great conflict[1], the Sudrans see the harm their technology can do if used for war, and banish all such technology, leading Sudra into a "Dark Age"[2]. Thus, Sudra's advanced civilization collapses.
Sudra The Sudrans devolve into a heavily religious society.
Winter, 2005 New Mexico, U.S.A., Earth Trace conducts an experiment with colleague Dr. Hammond at their laboratory in New Mexico. A frozen pressure valve explodes outside the lab, severly injuring Trace.
Earth Trace is hospitalized for months, blind and crippled from the waist down.
Earth Lost in his thoughts, Trace has a scientific "Epiphany".[3]
2006[4] Earth Trace publishes his theories as several "Axioms".[5] He is outcast by the scientific community and given the nickname "Athetos".
Breach Trace traverses the Breach with Dr. Hammond, arriving on Sudra for the first time.
Sudra On Sudra, Trace and Hammond use a "Rebirth Chamber" to heal Trace, and discard his wheelchair, which can be found rusted in Eribu. The two of them briefly explore Sudra, discovering their amazing technology (which the Sudrans have mostly locked away).
Breach Trace/Athetos attempts to go "upstream" through the Breach to find answers on the next world. It is unclear what happens to Hammond.
Sudra Athetos returns to Sudra, and unleashes the Pathogen, killing thousands.
Sudra In their desperation, the Sudrans release the Rusalki, and allow them access to all of the ancient technology that the Sudrans once locked away.[6]
Sudra The Rusalki manage to destroy Athetos's mobile Pathogen protection unit.
Sudra Athetos shuts down the Power Filter and Repair Drones, crippling the Rusalki
Sudra Athetos retreats to the elevator high above the planet's surface, in Mar-Uru.
Sudra Over many years, the Rusalki fall into a state of decay.
2200 - 2500[7] Sudra Elsenova and Ophelia execute their plan to create a new clone of the original Trace.[8]. The player gains control and the game begins.
Sudra The clone of Trace succeeds in defeating Athetos. Elsenova kills Athetos and puts the clone into a coma.

References Edit

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