• Hey I’m trying to 100% the game and realized I missed a power node fragment in mar uru after you glitch the t type sentry to get through the 4 pink laser door things. Every time I return to that room the t type sentry is not there so I have no way to re-open them. I’ve tried leaving the area and coming back. Closed the game software completely and reloaded. Is there a wait time for it to come back or am I screwed? I REALLY don’t want to start the game over completely but I will if that’s what it takes... any help here would be greatly appreciated.

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    • Huh, I'm surprised no one responded to this. I'm a bit late, so you might have it figured out, but I think you're talking about the room shown in this video

      You have to use the Purple Sentry that is outside the room and glitch it into the room. So, there's not one in the room with the 4 laser walls. It's outside in the vertical hallway. It takes a few tries to get it in the right place. Just lead it down where you need it to be.

      Note: the linked Purple Sentry page describes its glitched behavior.

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