• I would like to build a tree of non-sequence-breaking prerequisites to solidify and fix all the prereq. and unlock lists.  I'll be playing through the game the third time myself to verify what is compiled and what is not on this wiki.  I'm thinking of asking for help with this request to the speedgamers (Are there other forums that would care?) to make it official which are necessary without using sequence breaking using rebirth chambers.

    The first problem I see is how to tag notes, and make their requirement included without interupting the conciseness of the pages since everyone here expected and used spoilers.  I want to bluetext them behind the real requirements.  I will use Itallics unless there's another option.

    Next, I'd like to make the pages streamlined for speedrunners.  Which required items can be gotten earlier and how.  That's the biggest influx I'm seeing in forum posts lately.  It has never been answered.  I'm going to compile my list based on this wiki as I've now gone through the entire XML collection of ingame code official requirements (they must be from an earlier build, there are many errors I posed verbatum, and corrected but I'm sure some still remain).  I have never tried sequence breaking, and I do not intend to do it yet as a I want to verify the early unlocks with the AD1 and LD. I still doubt I doccumented all the prereq's and  unlocks. 

    As I've found out, both the programmer's notes in the XML files and the wiki are both wrong on multiple points.

    I will begin doccumenting the already doccumented data here, filling in with possibly false info from the XMLs when none is present, and I'd really appreciate some help to disprove any and all falsities.  Anyone have a good idea of which forum to ask for help and verification.

    Hot damn!  I think I'm gonna use TheDraw from dos's ascii art scene to do some awesome compiling stuff using the code tag.  This wiki's formatting has been givng me a headache.

    I think I can talk my friend into executing the sequence break stuff without cheat codes - he's much better than I am at surviving.

    Also, I'm gonna leave out that guys "buy the game" prereq.

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