• On our category page the first sentence says they were created to guard Sudra, but the Note "The Kuliltu" written by someone close to one of the ancient high priestess of the Sudra says they just basically 'showed up' several generations ago (140-300 years before based on Goggle's estimimate of a generation in human years).  Because they were biomechanical and the Sudrans had already forgotten that their ancestors had created the sentry robots and other technology, the rusalki were accepted and welcomed.  By the note's conotation, the writer feels that they should not be trusted.  This is the only reference I can find to thri origina.  In this case their actual origins are in question...

    The category page needs to be revised.

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    • Yeah, this is another one of those grey areas in the lore. I can't say right now where I got this notion of the cutscenes maybe. I do tend to look at "tan" notes as though the author is using religious metaphor.

      If you had all sorts of alien life traversing past your "gateway world", you'd probably want some sort of police force (border patrol?) in place to ensure the safety of your world.

      A dozen generations ago, kuliltu battled in the sea above

      I interpret this to mean the Rusalki were in the upper atmosphere, standing watch over civilization as travelers passed through the Breach. After many years of this, there was an attack, or a "great battle", or a civil strife (Anonymous Quote (Note)).

      and the High Priestess rung in the storm, leaving them to spill upon the plains.

      After some great catastrophe (the battle mentioned above?), the Sudrans decided to "close their borders". The Rusalki, unable to survive in the Breach, had to move down below the planet's surface, but this is more or less a side-effect.

      Should they ever be returned to the sea, I do not expect they will look favorably upon us.

      The Rusalki did not like being stripped of their duties, nor being trapped on the planet's surface.

      That's not to say this is the only interpretation of events. But it's the one I went with when I wrote the Story section.

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    • I read through it again, and tend to agree now.  Still grey, but the mention of them arriving still makes me think they were not an Sudran creation.

      Certainly, this does make for a compelling sequel and possibly a prequel.  The more I think about it the more excited I get for the next installment.

      I have to admit, once I actually complete the game, I may lose a lot of enthusiasm for adding to this wiki.  Once I get through the boss stats and the ambiguity of the trophy's I will probably start another game and only fix errors that someone finds with the data I posted here...

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    • I got to thinking about an "arrival" (although I still can't see where it says they came to Sudra from elsewhere). The one thing that I think fits this idea is that Ophelia is the "outsider" and speaks English.

      What if the Rusalki were created by the civilization beyond Sudra, the one that Athetos says has super-advanced technology? Then they later arrived on Sudra and the Sudrans learned from them. The reason the Old Machines resemble the Rusalki is that all of Sudra's ancient technology is based on the Rusalki... who themselves are from beyond their own planet. It's possible then, that even Athetos' creations are based on them as well.

      I suppose one problem with this is that the Rusalki can't survive the Breach and so travel to Sudra from another world would be difficult for them.

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    • The way I first read the part "a dozen generations ago..." I took it to mean that was when they arrived, however I realize now that that was when the Breach Attractor was activated and "rung in the storm" and it was at that point that they were forced to hide underground.

      Yeah, I misread it.

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    • Hmm, ok. Still an interesting idea. I wish we could find some other hints about their origins.

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