• Hello there,

    after receipt of Climbers, - thus probably sometime after level 7, I've noticed that the drone does not work anymore! Pressing "S", nothing happens! I think this is no solution! Is this a bug? I went to all areas again - no change.

    Sorry - my English is poor, - and comes from google :).

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    • The only place the Remote Drone should not work once Trace has obtained it is the short section of the game in Ukkin-Na between Trace's first hallucination and Trace meeting Ophelia after the Vision boss fight.  Trace should not be able to leave Ukkin-Na during this part due to him not having the Trenchcoat.

      That may be a bug.

      I do not understand what yoiu mean by "Climbers".

      Level 7?  You mean Edin?

      Have you used any of the Parametric Passcodes that play back ingame dialog?

      Have you tried reconfiguring the game's controls to rule that out?

      With a bit more information I may be able to help out more.  Good luck.

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    • Hi,

      Thank you. With "Climbers" I meant the grapple. The enhanced launcher for Drone I have. And I was already in Ukkin-Na. Bin there but away because I get stuck here again !? Since I do not need the drone?

      I have changed the Game nothing, used no passcodes and also as a test several times to reset the settings.

      Another Score I did not. Everything new again, - not fancy. That would be annoying!

      ( :(
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    • In ukkin-na you are supposed to get stuck until you defeat the boss and aquire the Trenchcoat.  if you died and reappeared  outside ukkin-na you must return here and get the Trenchcoat.  On the steam forums, the creator of the game often helps players, tom or someone else may be able to help too.yeah it would be unpleasant to have to start again.

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