• We know that the Breach is in outerspace and that traveling through it means finding oneself in a different physical location. But in what way are you traveling? I have 4 main hypotheses on this topic:

    1) Is the Breach like Star Trek's wormholes? Acting as a shortcut through the galaxy or universe? You could leave one planet and quickly end up on another. (travelling in 3 dimensions)

    2) Does traveling through the Breach mean you would end up in another universe, completely unlike our own? There is no infinite branching here due to choice. There might be a limited number of such "universes" that are linked via the Breach. (still traveling in 3 dimensions)

    3) Does Axiom Verge have an infinite number of parallel universes, each created as a branch of choice? This would be similar to Bioshock Infinite, where traveling through the Breach means crossing to another timeline branch and perhaps finding another version of yourself on the other side. Time does not change (as each timeline runs in parallel), but the choices made in each universe make them different from one another. (traveling in dimensions 1, 2, 3, & 5)

    4) It's also possible to imagine that traveling through the Breach affects time, space, and choice. This means you could exit Universe A at any point in time and space and enter Universe B at any other point in time and space. This would be similar to DC's Crisis on Infinite Earths, where Superman of Earth A and Superman of Earth B can go back to the Stone Age on Earth C (traveling in dimesions 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5)

    I think when posting to the wiki, it's best to have solid in-game evidence. But this forum can be used for more interesting and varied viewpoints such as this :)

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    • This is mostly a personal view on the subject filtered through sci-fi sensibilities, but hear me out.

      The breach, for what it is, is effectively a highly unpredictable form of hyperspace travel without involving hyperspace.

      It's all but stated that Trace prime arrived to Sudra via a direct Breach connection, presumably somewhere in Eribu (re: Faded Note). Therefore, it's confirmed possible to travel between planets using the Breach as a connecting corridor. Possibly even between galaxies, although the further you go the longer the trip and the more likely it is for the untamed Breach to drop you off somewhere other than where you wanted to go. It's reality glitches, it's not supposed to be predictable.

      Considering Trace prime's concern over the Rusalki finding Earth, we can presume only interplanetary travel has been certifiably confirmed possible via Breach.

      With that in mind, clever manipulation of the Breach parameters should allow for other travel types as well. While, yes, such would end up very error-prone and highly likely to dump travellers way off their intended target, dimensional and even time travel should logically be possible with set parameters and enough control to maintain said parameters for the duration of the trip.

      And while this has little to do with in-game Breach, we can presume these travels are possible precisely because the Breach exhibits behavior similar to some video game glitches. By that virtue, it should be possible to travel through time by defining the Breach for sequence breaking, or parallel universes using principles similar to the QPU mechanics in SM64. After all, the Breach is, in a way, a glitch in the fabric of reality.

      Presumably the Address Disruptor/Bomb work via scrambling ambient, non-visible and otherwise unusable Breach pockets not large enough to be Secret Worlds and not small enough to have little effect.

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    • Interesting. The concept of the Breach being similar in form to the other glitches in reality, and even programmable if you know what you're doing, is well inline with the themes of the game. I like it :)

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