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I am so tired of her schemes. If not for her we wouldn't even be in this predicament. And now, this ridiculous plan.

Aside from Drushka's obvious interest in her, we have no indication she is even telling the truth. We don't know where she is from, or even what strain she is. She seems to have greater capabilities than she admits.

Should I have let you kill her when I had the chance? I do not know what is right anymore.

About the Note Edit

This is a green Note, written in Vykhya by a Rusalka. It is likely written from Elsenova to Veruska, with the reply written in a manner similar to the way Veruska talks.

It is part of an exchange between the Rusalki:

The note mentions a mysterious character named Drushka, who does not appear in-game.

This is Note 23.

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Ukkin-Na at the bottom of a shaft just outside Ophelia's room. Trace must use the Trenchcoat in the center of that room to teleport through the floor.

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