The Land of Civilized Kings, spoken of with reverence in poem and song alike, is often described as our motherland, our birthright, a promised kingdom.

It is this one's opinion that the Land of Civilized Kings is none other than Sudra itself, in a time of former glory. The Old Machines, those perennial tokens of bad fortune, were our one-time salvation. Eternal harvest. Eternal happiness. Eternal life.

How did we learn to fear such things? Human nature. We are trained to expect bad to follow from good like night following day. We have an instinct not to drink too deeply of the sweetest nectars, and sometimes this instinct swings to the other excess.

It is time to stop speaking of the Land of Civilized Kings as a long-lost dream. It was never lost. It is simply waiting for us to wake up.

About the Note[edit | edit source]

This is a light-tan note written in Sudran.

This Note is one Sudran's opinion of their lost civilization and the technology they once had. He or she is making a plea for their people to stop regarding the Old Machines with such fear and remember that they can be utilized for great good as well.

This is Note 03.

Location[edit | edit source]

E-Kur-Mah, top right, across from the first Rebirth Chamber, right next to the top of the 2nd Rebirth Chamber. Drill some blocks to get to it.

Prerequisites[edit | edit source]

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