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A dozen generations ago, kuliltu battled in the sea above, and the High Priestess rung in the storm, leaving them to spill upon the plains. At the time, this was thought a good omen, and the kuliltu, resembling the Old Machines, sent into the care of the priesthood. But kuliltu do not age or die, so there they remain to this day, watching, and waiting. The High Priestess may not remember what they once were, but the histories do. As do the kuliltu. Should they ever be returned to the sea, I do not expect they will look favorably upon us.

- Nin Turri

About the Note[]

This is a light-tan note written in Sudran. It states that the kuliltu, which was what Sudrans called Rusalki at the time, used to inhabit the space above the planet Sudra 1200 years prior to the letter's writing. The Rusalki were free to roam about in the space above Sudra until High Priestess Eshinimma, wanting to close off Sudra from outsiders, activated the Breach Attractor, causing the Breach to be pulled toward and blanket the upper Sudran atmosphere. As a result, many Rusalki may have possibly been killed, leaving any survivors trapped in Sudran land. The Sudrans of this time revered the Rusalki as deities, since the towering war machines resembled the Old Machines, a moniker for the Sudrans' long-lost technology that they also viewed with religious reverence. Nin Turri, the writer of the Note, expected the Rusalki to become hostile toward the Sudrans once the Breach is somehow removed from Sudran atmosphere and the Rusalki are able to roam the skies once more.

This is Note 04.


The Note can be found in the upper portion of Edin, in the large room just below the room where the Ukhu boss fight takes place. Use the Trenchcoat to descend below the floor to enter the right gap in the top of the cyan brick structure, next use the Remote Drone to drill to the vertical passable wall, then use the Drone Teleport and Trenchcoat to teleport to the gap to the right and Drill the right wall to uncover the note.