Our best conjecture thus far is that it is a forced re-linking of the lattices underlying adjacent universes. The Breach Attractor, then, has some capacity to shift the points at which the lattices link.

The region "beyond" the Breach remains intact, as when the Breach recedes, the atmosphere and surrounding ocean don't encounter a vacuum in its absence, though there is a strong disturbance in the currents once the two sides meet again.

Outside of a Breach elevator, passing through the Breach can be fatal. The Sudrans used this as a makeshift shield to keep out intruders - or, as in our case, to keep something else trapped in.

Based on their writings, it seems that the Sudrans have long ago lost a scientific understanding of what the Breach truly is, perceiving it as an intense meteorological phenomena rather than a divider between worlds.

A7 hypothesized that the Breach itself is invisible, and that the effect we see in the sky is in fact a protective field of microscopic elements covering the frayed ends.

About this Note

This is a purple note, and written in English by (an) Athetos.

It is in reference to The Breach, a connection between universes that Athetos & Trace travelled through to get to Sudra.

This is Note 22


The Breach Note can be found in Ukkin-Na, in a room above the hallway which is just above the lower-right save room. It's door is blocked by a wall.


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