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"A field of charged particles on an unbreakable leash."

The Tethered Charge acts a bit like a yo-yo. Once this weapon is fired, a purple energy orb travels out a short-range fixed distance and returns back to the barrel of the weapon. There is an energy "tether" keeping it from traveling further away from the point of fire.

The Tethered Charge can be aimed in any direction and "re-aimed" as it travels. So Trace can swing it around in an arcing motion around solid obstacles or keep it following a moving target.

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The Tethered Charge can be found in the lower-right portion of Kur. The player must do some puzzle solving in a room full of enemies that can be glitched into floating platforms. Some patience is needed to get the enemies to align properly. You can use the straight lines in the background to help position your jumps.

Axiom Verge Kur Floating Enemies Room - Tethered Charge

Axiom Verge Kur Floating Enemies Room - Tethered Charge

Video showing how to get to the Tethered Charge

Alternatively, it's possible to Drone Climb to the top of the room, bypassing all of the Purple Flying Krill.

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