Template:Portal is used on the Main Page to create individualized sections. Theoretically, this template could be used in other portal-like meta projects, though none currently exist.

Implementations of this meta template should be created as subpages of this page (e.g. Template:Tl).


|header  = 
|content = 


  • Due to the way MediaWiki parses block-level elements, empty p elements are usually generated adjacent to the element, creating an unwanted space after the section. As such, the CSS stylings for this template automatically hide adjacent p elements; however, if such an element is in fact desired, the class .show may be added (as in <p class="show">).
  • Centering content within portal sections is a common necessity; as such, the CSS stylings for this template will automatically center all content within any span element. This helps avoid long HTML within implementations of this template, or the use of the deprecated center element. In the case where a span element is needed but center-aligned text is not, inline overrides will have to be manually added (as in <span style="text-align: left; display: inline">).
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