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This template is based off Template:DiscordIntegrator found at the Fandom Developers Wiki. It requires dev:DiscordIntegrator/code.js to be added to MediaWiki:ImportJS, and for the Discord server administrators to enable the Discord widget on their Discord server. For full documentation, see DiscordIntegrator.

DiscordIntegrator allows integrating a Discord widget into your sidebar or content. The Discord widget is able to show all online users in a server, the users game activity, anyone in a voice channel and etc.

In order to integrate the widget, it first needs to be enabled by the the Discord server administrators; for instructions on how to do that see "Enabling the widget".

Note: DiscordIntegrator does not work on the mobile skin, which will display an error message instead of the Discord widget. To prevent the widget from displaying on the mobile skin, you can set this template to a template type that doesn't display on mobile (such as Navbox).


Option Type What it changes Default
id String ID of the server. For more information on how to find a Discord server ID, see Where can I find my server ID 640291091266011148
(Valorant Competitive)
loggedIn Boolean If set to true, widget will only work for logged in users N/A
theme String Theme of the widget. Can be set to either light or dark. dark
width String Width of the widget. 100%
height String Height of the widget. 90%
usePTB Anything If to use the widget from Public Test Build server instead of the normal one N/A

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