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I have done my best to enable rudimentary translation between Sudran and English (that is, the modern Sudran script, not the programming language). The command is "REVEAL-SUDRAN".

I've tried it with success on most of the modern Sudran communications as well as some of the older Sudran texts.

Much thanks to the Gir-Tab variant for his assistance.

About the Note[]

This is a purple note, and written in English by (an) Athetos.

It allows translation from the Sudran language to English. It is necessary to read other notes collected which were written in Sudran.

By manually building a table of which Sudran letters correspond to the English alphabet by turning the passcode on and off, it is possible to manually translate the Passcode inscribed in Sudran on the roof of the room at the bottom of Eribu and gain access to the Orbital Discharge.

The "programming language" in the note may be a reference to Primordial Code.

This is Note 19.


The Note titled Sudran Translation can be found in the bottom-right corner of Zi, under Veruska, and directly across from the room containing the Passcode Tool.