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This page refers to the Sudran people. For the Sudran language, see Sudran (Language).


The Sudran were a race of people who populated the planet Sudra prior to the catastrophic effects of the Pathogen. No Sudrans are depicted visually in Axiom Verge aside from piles of bones found in Absu and Zi (from which we know they were bipedal and likely human-like in size and appearance), but their writings can be found in the form of Notes, scattered around the explorable areas, written in their own language.

In their ancient civilization, the Sudrans developed wondrous technologies such as the Rebirth Chambers, Breach Elevator & Breach Attractor. This time period in their history would later be known as The Land of Civilized Kings. However, they later had a sociological collapse, presumably caused by war[1], became xenophobic and superstitious of the technology and with the eventual release of the Pathogen, their race would die out entirely.

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