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Slugs are small, green creatures that slowly slither back and forth. When Trace gets close, a swarm of 20 tiny pink flying insects bursts from it's mantle and pursues him rapidly, swarming all around him. This kills the Slug.

Corrupted Form

When corrupted, the Slug changes colors and appears glitched. When Trace approaches, its mantle bursts and the Slug dies. The first time this happens, Health Node Fragment 15 is spawned. Every time afterward, a small amount of health spawns.


  • Possible bug in game code: Sometimes when killed Slugs will spawn Health Node Fragments, (which otherwise do not respawn and are only attainable in specific areas of the map), although the conditions are unclear. The current assumption is that it happens if several corrupted Slugs burst at the same time (which might be related to the usage of the Address Bomb).