Size Node

Description Edit

"Permanently increases the size of weapon projectiles."

This will only affect certain weapons and upgrades.

Affected Weapons Edit

Some of this list was created by experimenting with the parametric passcode for projectile size. For some weapons, the increase is negligible.

Affected Upgrades Edit

Locations Edit

  1. Eribu - Left of the top of the first shaft. Use Nova to remove the Pink Beam, it is inside Red Bubbleblocks.
  2. Absu - In the purple room with the Mushroom Spores. Use the Address Disruptor on the trapped Giant Diatom.
  3. Zi - From the bottom-most right door, of the main vertical shaft, go into the brown room (with Tunnel Hoppers). Field Disruptor jump up and to the right from the center-most platform of said room.
  4. Mar-Uru - In a solid block to the right of the second save point. Use the Red Coat to access it.

Additionally, there are 2 random Size Nodes that can be acquired in Secret Worlds. One in an Easy difficulty, one in a Medium difficulty. They are excluded from the item completion count.

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