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This silver robot hovers in place until Trace gets close to it. When alerted to Trace's presence, it hovers at a distance above trace, firing its turrets at him. It has a purple vertical sensor eye, two turrets and a segmented tail hanging under it. It has a tendency to get stuck in corners, therefore a good strategy is to attempt to trap it and use weapons that can go around or through terrain to damage it while blocking its turret fire.

Corrupted Form[]

It's corrupted form has a slightly taller collision box. This is only particularly useful during the hallucination sequence, where they will be unable to move past the periodic horizontal platforms. These platforms are only present during the hallucination sequence however. It does not behave any differently.

It looks sort of like the glitch Pokémon "Missingno" (this is noted in the game code). Also, corrupting this enemy will make your 6th weapon have a huge projectile while in that room. This is a reference to an item duplication glitch that occurs when you encounter Missingno in Pokemon Red and Blue.

Glitched Reflector projectiles will fire through walls, which can be used to hit a switch in Ukkin-Na.

SentryBot corrupted.png