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"Twin beams converge on a single point."

When fired, this weapon shoots 2 yellow laser beams that have purple connecting beams at regular intervals. There are arrows at the end of the two yellow beams. The beams start at a wide angle, and collapse to a single beam in the direction it was fired. The angle of the weapon can be changed at any point after firing. With a comparatively long range for a wall-penetrating weapon and decently rapid cooldown (it can be fired again fairly quickly), this is a very useful weapon.

 Location Edit

The Scissor Beam can only be found in a Hard type Secret World. It is one of three weapons that can only be found in a Secret World. The entrance to the Secret World is randomly generated from the possible entrances in EdinE-Kur-Mah or Mar-Uru. Additionally, the layout of the Secret World is randomly generated, therefore the placement in the weapon will vary. Only one of these three weapons may be found in each play-through of the game; The other two possible weapons are the Heat Seeker and the Fat Beam.

Prerequisites Edit

  • Varies; The Red Coat will probably be necessary.

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