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Repair Drones are small pale-blue machines that walk on four legs. Their primary purpose is to repair and maintain the Rusalki. They seem to act independently, without outside control, or possibly they are connected to some central AI through a wireless interface.

The Repair Drones have a single eye that can project a defensive blue electrical beam at short-range. The Repair Drone's weapon is capable of damaging armored enemies, something only the Drone Drill, Laser Drill, Red Coat and corrupted Laser Urchin beam can do as well. It can also Destroy the same blocks the Laser Drill and Drone Drill can. The Repair Drone's electrical discharge weapon does a whopping 100 physical damage to enemies - very powerful when compared to most of Trace's weapons.

Repair Drones are manufactured in great numbers in Kur once Trace reactivates the Repair Drone spawner.

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