Description[edit | edit source]

Initially only it's beak/mandible is visible, protruding from the wall, opening and closing. When Trace gets level with it, it launches itself out making a screeching noise. It only moves horizontally, and continues until it reaches another wall, embedding itself into it. If Trace remains on it's level, it will continue constantly attacking back and forth.

It has two large, curved mandibles. It's body has spines down it's length, and a yellow orb/eye in the center. It's tail is almost as long as the rest of it.

Some Scissorbeaks are completely obscured by foreground scenery. They can be detected by a faint intermittent rumbling/crunching noise they emit while stationary.

It can be attacked from above or below while embedded in the wall by shooting at the protruding part.

Corrupted Form[edit | edit source]

When corrupted, Scissorbeaks leave a trail of blocks behind. The Red Scissorbeak leaves a line of Red Bubbleblock.

Familial Relatives[edit | edit source]

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