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"Double-tap to teleport. Damages tiles and enemies in your path."

The Red Coat is the third and final Lab Coat upgrade. It allows Trace to teleport through walls that are horizontally three blocks thick and, like the Trenchcoat, can also be used while jumping in mid-air and teleporting in all directions. In addition, the Red Coat damages any blocks or enemies Trace passes through. This damage is the same type as the Laser Drill and Drone Drill therefore it will damage uncorrupted Armadillos, Boulders, and Giant Greenworms. Trace is invincible and moves much faster while teleporting with the Red Coat. This makes it incredibly versatile for traversing through Sudra, as well as getting to many previously inaccessible areas. It increases Trace's damage resistance beyond the protection provided by the Trenchcoat and Modified Lab Coat; Trace only takes 30% of the damage he would without a coat.

The Red Coat is required to reach Mar-Uru, the final area of the game.

In the game code this upgrade is called "Overclock".

The Red Coat may be necessary to enter a hard difficulty Secret World, and the entrance may be a puzzle.

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The Red Coat can be found in the lowest room in E-Kur-Mah. The Sudran Key is required to reach this area.

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