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"Permanently increases weapon range (where applicable)."

Affected Weapons[]

Affected Upgrades[]


  1. Absu - Under the green room just right of a purple room with Spores (both rooms are between the 2 right-most saves). Use the Modified Lab Coat on the gap.
  2. Zi - In the steam room by the first save point. Use the Field Disruptor and Modified Lab Coat on platform outside the save.
  3. Edin - Left of the Indi exit. Drill, Trenchcoat into the open rectangle, then Drone Drill to navigate to the door. (Note: the door does not show on the map.)
  4. Absu - Lower pink shaft. Use Address Disruptor 2 on the corruption, and the Diatom, then Modified Lab Coat, Grapple and Remote Drone.

Additionally, there are 2 random Range Nodes that can be acquired in Secret Worlds. One in an Easy difficulty, one in a Medium difficulty. They are excluded from the item completion count.

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