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When using the Address Disruptor, and in the background when a new Weapon, Upgrade or Powerup is acquired, a code script is seen on screen. In the game's code/files, it is referred to as Primordial Code.

Unlike Sudran and Vykhyan, it doesn't appear to be directly translatable into English, especially since certain code characters repeat: ,. bp ckqx eiy fv uw.

The sixteen hexadecimal numbers (0 to 9 then A to F) have a binary structure, as below:

2 1
4 8

The number 1 has the upper right square "lit"; 2 has the upper left square; 3 has both the upper right and upper left; 4 has the lower left, and so on up to F (15) which has all four squares lit.

Translation Examples[edit | edit source]

Here are some examples of in-game "translations" to English. Most of the letters will look like gibberish, but the numbers seem to translate okay.

Address Disruptor[edit | edit source]


The stars are constant stream of incrementing hexadecimal numbers. The first row also increments, but much slower than the second, which is much slower than the third. The bit after the colons don't seem to change.

The 'hz' here might actually be referring to frequency.

Slow Teleporting[edit | edit source]





The second row always looks a few digits behind, and the third row looks a few digits ahead, in relation to the first row.

The hexadecimal numbers might be map coordinates.

Powerup Message[edit | edit source]

muzdzn sjian,tz ,unu,l se
cuaujeztjcu mgclafa utrcfeaa
utuo ur7hcmeuc
c6czcbjecbuudgbfe0fc2z e,eer

This is just a partial message. The whole thing is rather large and just looks like gibberish.

Ending[edit | edit source]


In the ending cutscenes, Trace can be seen deciphering this code. He has figured out the letters of the alphabet (in red-orange, at left), in order, except for I, K, P, Q, W, X, and Y, and has also deciphered the 16 hexadecimal numbers (in gray, below).

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