Power Node Fragment

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"Combine 6 to permanently increase your weapon and item damage."

Power Node Fragments are small purple crystals found scattered around Sudra. A Power Node Fragment is only a piece of a full Power Node. Trace must find 6 fragments to increase his weapon or item's damage effectiveness.

Locations Edit

  1. Zi - Top of the Power Filter room. Grapple from the left to the right.
  2. Eribu - Top left. Grapple to pass through the vertical door, use Passcode Tool: IKKIBU-LABIRU.
  3. Absu - 4 rooms right of the top save point. Use the Grapple.
  4. Absu - Right of Power Node Fragment 3. Use Address Bomb.
  5. Absu - Right of Power Node Fragment 4. Access from below. Use Address Disruptor 2 & Grapple.
  6. Absu - Right of Power Node Fragment 5. Access from below. Use Address Disruptor 2 & Remote Drone.
  7. Absu - The end of the farthest left corridor. Use the Address Disruptor on the Pink Giant Diatoms.
  8. Zi - The end of the vertically-central left corridor. Use Address Disruptor 2 to access this corridor.
  9. Absu - 2 rooms left of the bottom-right exit. Use the Trenchcoat in the purple room with the Mushroom Spores.
  10. Ukkin-Na - 1 room right, 1 room up from the bottom save point. Use the Trenchcoat from above.
  11. Mar-Uru - Right of the room above Sentinel. Corrupt the Purple Sentry so it's at the switch in the next room.
  12. Mar-Uru - Under Power Node Fragment 11. Use the Red Coat to pass through the floor.
  13. Ukkin-Na - Top-right of the right shaft. Use the Drone to tunnel under the left Giant Boulderback.
  14. Kur - Top left of the snowy area. Corrupt the Scissorbeak and Grapple it's trail or use Enhanced Drone Launch.
  15. Ukkin-Na - Below the Trenchcoat. Requires the Trenchcoat.
  16. Eribu - On the roof by the exit to Indi. Use the Drone Teleport, Trenchcoat and Laser Drill (see pic below).
  17. Edin - Up and right from the leftmost save point. Use the Drone Teleport at the opening in the roof of the shaft.
  18. E-Kur-Mah - Lowest point, farthest right. Use the Red Coat to access it.

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