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I realize I've failed in our primary objective. But, please, hear me out.

I didn't just kill Katrahaska's body ... I used the GateBreaker. We have a fresh set of nanogates to do with whatever we please.

Given what we recently learned about the Sudran rebirth chamber, we could use this to our advantage. In fact, it may be better than my original plan.

We would control him.

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This is a green note, and written in Vykhya by a Rusalka.

After Ophelia revives Trace, she says "I've cleared out the bioflux. Your nanogates should take care of the rest". In other words, chances are that Trace has Katrahaska's nanogates within him. It is these nanogates that allow them to talk with him directly, and to hurt or kill him as well, as Elsenova demonstrates. Thus they can control him. Of note, the red spheres that swarm from Trace or the Remote Drone when destroyed are actually those Nanogates referred to in the note.

What the "original plan" was is difficult to say for sure. But it seems that it was at least attempted, since the writer of this note states that she "failed in our primary objective".

Speculation Edit

The reason for the failure of the "original plan" may have been Katrahaska's opposition, and her siding with Athetos against the other Rusalki. In that case, it would be logical to assume that this original plan would have had severe enough ramifications to cause infighting amongst the Rusalki.

This is Note 14.

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The Note titled "Plan B" can be found in a tall room in the lower portion of Absu. The Note is sitting inside a jail cell and you will almost certainly pass it after first meeting Elsenova. A labcoat must be used to get inside the jail cell.

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