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"Manipulate reality with encoded strings (use menu)."

The Passcode Tool is a unique item in Axiom Verge that allows the player to "alter reality" by entering specific passcodes. The passcodes are 12-letter phrases taking the format XXXXXX-XXXXXX and can be found in various notes hidden around the world of Sudra.

Some passcodes will translate other in-game languages. Other passcodes allow access to new areas of the map.

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Axiom Verge Passcode Tool (List of passcodes in Description Field)

Axiom Verge Passcode Tool (List of passcodes in Description Field)

The Passcode Tool is found in the bottom-right corner of Zi, behind Veruska.

Once Trace has the Remote Drone, he will be able to use it to access the small gap above Veruska's head, regardless of whether she is still sleeping.

However, after activating the Repair Drones, Veruska will awaken and greet Trace as he enters the room. The Rusalka will mention she found one of Athetos's tools and is keeping it in a room behind her.

The embedded video in this section shows how to get to the Passcode Tool using the Remote Drone.

Konami CodeEdit

If, at the title screen, the player presses up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, the Passcode Tool will appear in inventory right at the start, once the Axiom Disruptor is obtained.

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