Orbital Discharge Edit

"Clings to and travels along any surface it hits."

The Orbital Discharge is a weapon that fires pink spheres that upon contact with a wall will turn into pink circular blades that run along the wall.

This is highly useful for enemies that travel along walls, such as the Red Nautilus. It can also be very useful against the Ancient Sentries found in E-Kur-Mah, due to their tendency to get hung up on tight corners.

Location Edit

The Orbital Discharge is found in a hidden room on the bottom-left side of Eribu (near the entrance to Absu). It is only accessible by entering a special Passcode in the Passcode Tool. Standing in the correct room and entering the correct Passcode will reveal a new door that the player can enter.

By manually building a table of which Sudran letters correspond to the English alphabet by turning the passcode on and off, it is possible to manually translate the Passcode inscribed in Sudran on the roof of the room at the bottom of Eribu and gain access to the Orbital Discharge.

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