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"Double-tap and hold while pressing against a wall to teleport across"

The Modified Lab Coat is the first Lab Coat upgrade. It is white in color and has a biomechanoid lining designed by Athetos, that will allow Trace to teleport through walls that are 1-block thick. Trace must be touching the wall in order for the teleport to work correctly. It changes Trace's damage resistance so he only takes 40% of the damage he would without it.

Primordial Code is displayed on the upper-right side while teleporting through walls.


The Modified Lab Coat can be found in the furthest room in the upper-right corner of Zi. After defeating the Uruku Variant, you must use the Address Disruptor on some blocks in the room, so that you can jump up to a door in the upper-right of this room.

Obtaining this Lab Coat will allow the player to use the teleportation ability to go through the surrounding pillars and exit the room.



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