Description Edit

The Laser Urchin is a small purple creature that slides along any solid surface it's attached to. It has a pulsing red dot on the top-center of its body. When Trace approaches, the urchin fires a red laser beam that does 75 damage to Trace but doesn't harm other creatures. In large groups they can create a dangerous gauntlet.

Corrupted Form Edit

When corrupted, the Laser Urchin becomes intangible, harmless, and can no longer be destroyed.

The laser they fire turns from red to cyan and becomes harmless to Trace, but will deal 100 damage to enemies, even other uncorrupted Laser Urchins.

Additionally, the laser will destroy the strongest destructible blocks that only a corrupted Pink Giant Diatom, corrupted Spiru, corrupted Giant Boulderback, corrupted Giant Greenworm and the Red Coat, can destroy as well.