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The Laser Drill is a tool used to cut through rock and other walls in the game. The player will need to use the Laser Drill on breakable blocks in order to access new areas and secrets. Most destructible blocks are visibly different from unbreakable ones, but some are not. It can be aimed in all 8 directions. Trace must jump and hold down while the Laser Drill is active in order to destroy destructible floor blocks. It is harmful to enemies, but it's power is on-par with most weapons.

In particular, the Armadillo is weak to it without being Corrupted, but not other weapons.

Visually, when activated, rotating prongs sprout from the front of the Axiom Disruptor and laser beams are emitted from the end of each, converging at a point in front of Trace. Size Nodes increase the girth of the beams and the distance from Trace the focal point converges.


The Laser Drill is found in the far-right section of Eribu. The player will come across this upgrade very early in the game's progression, and will use it quite frequently.



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