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Katrahaska's deactivated head, as seen in an earlier build of the game.

Description Edit

Katrahaska is one of six Rusalki that Trace encounters in his journey. She is already dead by the time Trace discovers her, and her head appears to be torn open.

Traits Edit

  • Katrahaska is now the dead husk of a Rusalka.
  • Although Elsenova says the Rusalki fought each other with Drones[1], it is likely that Katrahaska was ultimately killed by Ophelia.[2]

Location Edit

Katrahaska's chamber is located in central Kur, behind Gir-Tab.


Story Points Edit

Katrahaska is revealed to be the one Rusalka who betrayed the others and sided with Athetos, helping him spread his pathogen before she was defeated and shut down by Elsenova. It can be assumed that Katrahaska harbored hatred for the Sudrans after they had activated the Breach Attractor, causing the Breach to envelop planet Sudra, and as a result killing many Rusalki as well as trapping the remaining survivors on the planet.[3]

Based on what we learn in Plan B (Note) and CUTSCENE 0031, we can say that it's likely Katrahaska's nanogates are now being used by the other Rusalki to monitor and coerce Trace's actions.

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References Edit

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