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Indra Chaudhari is the protagonist of Axiom Verge 2. She is a mysterious billionaire who owns the worldwide Globe 3 conglomerate.

Indra’s physical characteristics include having black or very dark brown hair, with scraggly, gray accents and a noticeable, possibly colored large, light gray patch of hair on the right side of her scalp. Her hair reaches to her chest area, with the gray accents continuing all the way down, possibly showing that she's old, though her face does not suggest so. She also has blue eyes, dark skin, very dark blue-tinted sunglasses and she seems to wear very dark red lipstick, or her lips are naturally the color.

Indra also wears gray clothes with buttons running through the middle and sleeves, with a two-part gray cloak that reaches behind her. Under the gray jacket and cloak she seems to be wearing a dark blue or indigo shirt.

She is revealed fairly early on to have a daughter named Samara, and she is looking for her.


Prior to the events of the game, Globe 3 purchases Hammond Corp, letting them gain control of Elizabeth Hammond's antarctic base after it had been abandoned for a year. Starting the game, Indra arrives at the base via helicopter to investigate it and see what technology has been left there. However, she is led to a one-way elevator that takes her to the world of Kiengir, where the game takes place.

Through the events of the game, Indra becomes skilled with weapons, explores the world, and obtains nanomachines called Arms, which help her in her journeys and give her special abilities. The first Arm she obtains, named Amashilama, guides her through Kiengir, eventually to a machine which she promises will sever Indra's consciousness between her and the remote drone she controls, letting the two exist independently and be able to merge together. However, this process is used to Amashilama's advantage, as she takes control of Indra's body to carry out the plan she had all along - destroying A'ansur.

With the help of the Lamassu, Indra, now stuck as a drone, must try to combat Amashilama to gain her body back and prevent Amashilama from destroying the universe. In the process though, Amashilama discards of Indra's body in favor of inhabiting one of the Siuna. Indra assumes that her original body is dead, and goes to fight Amashilama. At the end of the fight, Indra's body arrives to hold back Amashilama while Indra sets off a Breach bomb. This kills Indra's human body and its conciousness, keeping Indra stuck as a drone forever and stuck on Kiengir. She no longer cares about going home, however, and instead seeks technology that will make Damu flesh and blood again. In a secret post-credits scene, the Indra who sacrificed herself to defeat Amashilama reunites with Samara and Hammond in what appears to be an afterlife.


It is heavily implied that Indra becomes the Rusalka known as Ophelia. In the ending cutscene for Axiom Verge 2, Indra laments about how she didn't really feel like she was worthy of her name since her past body died holding Amashilama down, saying how she doesn't feel like 'Indra' anymore. Additionally, in the note Dr. Gloria at It Again, Indra is noted to be a fan of Shakespeare, and Ophelia is a character from Shakespeare's Hamlet, a character which happens to die by drowning (similar to how Indra first encountered Amashilama).

Furthermore, the last image ending credits depicts a full-body image of Indra's latest form, her face and hair greatly mirroring the forward-facing Ophelia's facial structure and wiring.

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