Indi Map

Indi is the fifth area that Trace can travel to. Located in the center of the explorable area of Sudra, it serves as a central transition area connecting all the other areas except E-Kur-Mah and Mar-Uru. It is a long, mysterious underground corridor consisting of green stones, moss, pink boulders and small pools of water. Oracca provides Trace swift transportation across it. Trace requires the Grapple to enter Indi. This is the first point Trace can acquire Health Node Fragment 15 - by using the Address Disruptor on a Slug (here or Ukkin-Na) it will spawn this node instead of a Slug Swarm or Health.

Enemies Edit

Standard Edit

Giant Boulderback (2), Slug (3), Slug Swarm, Green Sea Sponge (3), Red Nautilus (1), Armadillo (1 in inaccessible wall area)

Other Edit

Repair Drone (2)

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Possible Secret World Entrances Edit

21 - Medium Difficulty

Connected Zones Edit

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