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"Each projectile fires additional projectiles at a set frequency."

The Hypo-Atomizer is a long-ranged weapon that fires small purple energy projectiles. Each projectile will release 2 secondary projectiles in a perpendicular pattern to which the original projectile was fired. In other words, if Trace fires the Hypo-Atomizer to the right, it repeatedly releases 2 secondary projectiles: one upward, and one downward.

This effect is repeated at fixed distances, but initially begins to at varying distances, staying approximately consistent for small intervals (it changes around every second or so). The secondary projectiles have significantly reduced range and damage compared to the primary projectile. The end result is that the weapon's effective width is increased, so long as the target aligns with one of the primary or secondary projectiles.

The distance between release of secondary projectiles is roughly 4-blocks.

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The Hypo-Atomizer can be found in the middle portion of Kur. It's in the north-east of the first overworld area. The Remote Drone is required in order to access the room it occupies.

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