Description Edit

"Projectiles attract towards enemies."

The Heat Seeker is a rapid-fire weapon that shoots orange flame-like projectiles at long range. These projectiles will seek out nearby targets. If no targets are available the projectiles will shoot straight in the direction they were fired.

Location Edit

The Heat Seeker can only be found in a Hard type Secret World. It is one of three weapons that can only be found in a Secret World. The entrance to the Secret World is randomly generated from the possible entrances in EdinE-Kur-Mah or Mar-Uru. Additionally, the layout of the Secret World is randomly generated, therefore the placement of the weapon will vary. Only one of these three weapons may be found in each play-through of the game; The other two possible weapons are the Scissor Beam and the Fat Beam.

Prerequisites Edit

  • Varies; The Red Coat will probably be necessary.

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