Health Node Fragment

Description Edit

"Combine 5 to permanently increase your health."

Health Node Fragments are small red orbs found scattered around Sudra. A Health Node Fragment is only a piece of a full health node. Trace must find 5 fragments to increase his maximum health by 100 points.

Locations Edit

  1. Absu - Hidden in the left part of first the first shaft. Drill some breakable blocks.
  2. Eribu - Near the bottom left exit to Absu, in the room leading to the Orbital Discharge.
  3. Absu - In a room with Green Gliders. Blocked by a pink beam. Corrupt Green Gliders to hit the switch, then Drill.
  4. Absu - 2 rooms down and 3 right of the first save point. Blocked by a pink beam. Use the Kilver.
  5. Zi - Above Veruska. use the Remote Drone on the wall by the Tunnel Hopper.
  6. Absu - To the right of the exit to Indi. Requires Modified Lab Coat & Grapple.
  7. Zi - View it from the door under the boss room. Use the Modified Lab Coat to access it from the left.
  8. Kur - On a platform at the top left of the Foothills where the Boulders are falling.  Requires Grapple.
  9. Kur - Under the 2 adjacent save rooms. Use the Remote Drone in the room with Laser Urchins.
  10. Kur - 6 rooms right of the exit to Indi. Use the Remote Drone past the Red Wasps and Laser Urchins.
  11. Kur - Above the Grapple.
  12. Kur - Through a drillable wall in the room with 2 Carnivorous Silk Bugs on the way to the Reflector.
  13. Eribu - 4 rooms left of where the Axiom Disruptor was obtained. Use the Remote Drone in the water.
  14. Zi - Use the Laser Drill on the roof of the room right of the first save point. Requires the Field Disruptor.
  15. Eribu, Indi or Ukkin-Na - Use the Address Disruptor on a Slug. It will sprout a fragment rather than a Swarm.
  16. Ukkin-Na - Under the room where Daraga is/was. Use the Trenchcoat on the left, then the Remote Drone.
  17. E-Kur-Mah - Drill & use the Remote Drone on the far-right roof of the corridor with the Ancient Tunnel Hoppers.
  18. Ukkin-Na - Near the entrance, just above the Annihiwaiter.
  19. Edin - 3 rooms left, 1 up from the first boss save room. Use the Grapple & Trenchcoat to get up (see pic below).
  20. Edin - Farthest left. Use Drone Teleport to get up, then grapple across the top.

Additionally, there are 5 Health Node Fragments that will appear - one per each of the 5 Secret Worlds created in each save file. They are excluded from the item completion count.

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