Health Node

Description Edit

"Permanently increases health."

Health Nodes are small red orbs found scattered around Sudra. It is not clear how they came to be there, but if Trace collects them, he can permanently increase his maximum health by 100 points.

Locations Edit

  1. Eribu - The room before the entrance to Absu. Requires the Laser Drill.
  2. Absu - In a lower shaft, just after acquiring the Address Disruptor.
  3. Zi - In the boss room. Use the Modified Lab Coat.
  4. Kur - In a room above the boss room.
  5. Ukkin-Na - Near the top of the left leg, outside Ophelia's chamber.
  6. Edin - Above the Rusalki Hanger, below the boss room. Requires the Address Bomb & Trenchcoat.
  7. Edin - Above and to the left of a save point in the West Tower level 2 . Requires the Drone Teleport.
  8. Mar-Uru - Above the first boss room in the left wing.
  9. Eribu - The uppermost room, left of the room where Nova was acquired. Requires the Address Bomb.

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Health Node Pickup

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